What does Mickey call Ian? (edited)


Edited this slightly to include third person references to Ian. He doesn’t refer to Ian in the third person until s4! It’s the first time we see Mickey talk to characters other than Ian, about Ian.

This was for my own personal reference but enjoy everyone u_u

man (12)
Ian (11)
Gallagher (7)
tough guy (3)
firecrotch (2)
this kid (2)
Curtis (2)
Ian Gallagher (1)
fuckhead (1)
boyfriend (and girlfriend) (1)
warm mouth (1)
the redhead (1)
the guy (1)
this twink (1)
some twink (1)
bitch (1)
dick (1)
Cinderella (1)
sleepy face (1)
mumbles (1)
Family (1)